Ripper zine?

I tracked down Tim Tonooka, who published Ripper fanzine. He was on MySpace of all places. I had a few requests to post issues of Ripper to the Punk Zine Archive, and if I remember correctly, I think Aaron Cometbus cited the zine as one of his old favorites.

Anyway, Tim didn't respond to my email, so it looks like Ripper won't be posted to the site. In the past, I've tried to follow up with zine publishers who don't reply just to make sure my initial email wasn't accidentally deleted, but it has never changed the outcome.

Today's playlist: The Middle Class - Out of Voge 7"

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to read it..
    just missed a copy on ebay recently. dammit!
    There are still almost all issues there but kinda expensive.