Maximumrocknroll #0

Maximumrocknroll #0 fanzine includes the following:

Intensified Chaos, Social Unrest & Naked Lady Wrestlers
MAD, Killjoy, Fang & Capitol Punishment
Ribsy, Crucifix, Square Cools & Los Olvidados
Code of Honor, 7 Seconds, Unaware, Frigidettes & Fifth Column
Ghost Dance, Dead Kennedys, Rebel Truth & Pariah
Lennonburger, Impatient Youth, Bad Posture & Demented Youth
MDC, Karnage, Flipper & NBJ
Whipping Boy, Angst, Free Beer & Domino Theory
Vengeance, Juvinel Justice, Section 8 & Tongue Avulsion
Maniax, Vicious Circle, UXB & Scapegoats
Church Police, Deadly Reign, No Alternative & Wrecks
Urban Assault, Bent Nails & MIA

Maximumrocknroll #0 (click here to read)

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