Maximumrocknroll #43

Maximumrocknroll #43 fanzine includes the following:

Intro & Top 10 Lists
Letters Part 1
Letters Part 2
Stetz, Crash Box & Tulum
Infidels, Creeps, Ham Deal and the Dog Needles, Dehumanizers & Nasal Sex
Pro-Christian Plague, State of Confusion & Varukers
Exposed, All-Night Garage Sale & Billy And The Willies
The Great Peace March
Scene Reports: California & Arizona
Scene Reports: Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Connecticut, New York & New Jersey
Scene Reports: New Jersey (cont'd), Pennsylvania, Georgia, Canada, Brazil, Poland & Italy
Yugoslavia Scene Report
Gonna Hit You With Love
Zine Listings
Music Reviews Part 1
Music Reviews Part 2 & The End

Maximumrocknroll #43 (click here to read)

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