Maximumrocknroll #57

Maximumrocknroll #57 fanzine includes the following:

Intro & Top 10 Lists
Letters Part 1
Letters Part 2
Scene Reports: Washington, California, Nevada, Kansas, Indiana, New England, Boston & New York
Scene Reports: New York (cont'd), New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Columbia, Belgium, Holland & Germany
Scene Reports: Germany (cont'd), Spain & New Zealand
Operation Ivy
Blyth Power
Chamena Idanica & Blisters
So What's It All Worth & Fred Rogers Experience
Corpse & Vomit Launch
Thumper, Bored Suburban Youths & Affirmative Action
Underground Czechoslovakia with Petr Cibulka
Music Reviews
Zine Listings & The End

Maximumrocknroll #57 (click here to read)

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