Over the last few days, some people have been messing with the Punk Zine Archive site. None of it was malicious, but I had no luck in preventing it either. To avoid any bigger problems, I have shut down the site.

The idea behind selling advertising space to record labels was to use the money for more hosting and increased security. As the site grew over the years, I thought more labels would be interested. Although a few labels advertised, others weren’t interested no matter how big the site became. Without the additional money, more security wasn’t possible.

Thanks to everyone who helped support the site over the years. I hope everyone enjoyed it. With my newly found spare time, I’ll be working on some music.




  1. Wha???? This sucks. Is there any chance of you making the pdfs available?

  2. Lame! Adam, I could host the files. And we could probably figure out how to incorporate them into ZineWiki more. Knock on wood, but my domains have never had security problems, I use Europe's largest hosting company.

    Email me at dan10things at gmail dot com if you wanna go that route. --dan

  3. wanting companies to let you profit off other people's content - no wonder people were messing with the site.

  4. Download Anarcho-Punk zine: PunkWay #6 (english_version) :

  5. Bring it back with the 80s MRR, Flipside, Ink Disease gaps filled and add Forced Exposure 1-6 too.
    And quick!

  6. Adam, thanks for all the time and effort you put into the Punk Zine Archive. It's been an incredible asset for research on punk culture.

    I've been trying to track down new sources for zines since your website went offline, but short of visiting the Factsheet Five archive in Albany, I haven't had much luck.

    Is there any way to still gain access your pdfs? I'd be much obliged. if so, please stop by my blog sometime and drop me a line.


  7. hi! i'm solely doing, i was using your scans... can you sell me it? with agreement of not publish it. if you interesting, email me at

  8. Alternative fanzine archives:

    Punks is Hippies (International HC zines + collection of 800 or so, badly organised - but we're working on it!)

    UK Zine Library (As it says on the box - the worlds most comprehensive zine archive for UK punk zines)

    Also here's a new one ->

    Contact me for more info: Slobodanburgher(a)

  9. Adam, I can host the punk zine archives on ZineWiki. Get in touch! dan10things at gmail dot com.

  10. Adam, where are you? Please get in touch with MRR at ...We were able to track down a lot of what you had but not all of it. Hope you are well!

  11. Adam - your work was great - I am doing research on punk zines and would love to talk to you - please get in touch with me - for email. Thanks for all the time you put in. - Andrea

  12. Adam--any chance you could upload the scans to It looks like a lot of old MRR scans are there:

    Having old issues of Flipside available would be amazing. Thanks for keeping things going over the years and sorry to hear about the SPAM and other headaches.

  13. Does anyone have copies of the zines that were posted here? Adam if you still check this, please get in touch. The archive was such an incredible resource. I would love to ensure that this archive can be posted somewhere more permanent, perhaps affiliated with a university library. grinnell (at) shaw (dot) ca


  14. Dear Adam, if you still check this, would you please be in touch? If there is a way to get ahold of the pdfs of the issues of Shredding Material that were posted here, I would be incredibly grateful to hear it. ian(dot)frederick(dot)king(at)gmail

    Many thanks!

  15. Hi Adam, I have a very similar request to many of those posting above - working on my BA and am trying to get ahold of the Flipside catalog and a few more issues of MMR. Whether my personal thesis is ever completed or not, I would like to submit a proposal to house your pdf's in the university's archives, and if that is successful to track down original copies to be housed in Special Collections. Please let me know! natalee(at)uchicago(dot)edu