Maximumrocknroll #64

Maximumrocknroll #64 fanzine includes the following:

Intro & Top 10 Lists
Letters Part 1
Letters Part 2
Columns Part 1
Columns Part 2
Scene Reports: Japan, Australia, Italy, France, Sweden, Scotland & UK
Scene Reports: UK (cont'd), Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Oklahoma & California
Flux (Flux of Pink Indians)
Walking Seeds & Naked Angels
Hungry Trolls & Epileptic Albino Bullfrogs
Wig Torture, Art Phag, & When People Were Shorter And Lived By The Water
Sentimiento Incontrolable, DFL, Cold Vietnam & Boom And The Legion Of Doom
Preventing Rape
Music Reviews Part 1
Music Reviews Part 2, Zine Listings & The End

Maximumrocknroll #64 (click here to read)

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