Maximumrocknroll #77

Maximumrocknroll #77 fanzine includes the following:

Intro & Top 10 Lists
Letters Part 1
Letters Part 2
Letters Part 3
Columns Part 1
Columns Part 2
Columns Part 3
What's The Scoop
Scene Reports: UK, France & Holland
Scene Reports: Holland (cont'd), Poland, Australia, Hawaii, Texas & Missouri
Scene Reports: Missouri (cont'd), Wisconsin, Chicago & Kentucky
Scene Reports: Pennsylvania, Florida & New York
Target of Demand
Uniform Choice
Factsheet Five
Guy Aitchson
Eeyore Power Tool & Celibate Commandos
El Salvador: Your Tax Dollars At Work
The Story of Ska
Deep Ecology - Not Deep Shit
Welcome to the Scumpit
Book Your Own Fuckin' Tour
Zine Articles
Music Reviews Part 1
Music Reviews Part 2
Book & Movie Reviews
Zine Listings
Classifieds & The End

Maximumrocknroll #77 (click here to read)

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